On Monday friends arrived to stay with us for the week, on Tuesday I started my French class and well, the week just simply got away from me.

The city garbage trucks follow a pretty regular schedule, and at 8am you hear them collecting the rubbish.  Additionally, our apartment is near at least two schools, maybe three and every morning save Wednesdays the street is full of the excited chatter of school children.  Monday morning we awoke to silence, Monday was a holiday and the morning's sounds were absent :)

Our friends arrived mid afternoon, and leaving G to work we headed out for a stroll along the Seine.  We walked all the way to the Eiffel Tower, enjoying the blue skies and the sunshine (a rare occurrence these days).  My friend and I had stayed in Paris before either of us were married, and one incredibly hot afternoon we sat in the shade of the Trocadero for about 6 hours waiting for it to get dark.  On this visit, we happily staged a photo on "our" spot, and enjoyed some people watching (see next post for some pics of the crazies).

Tuesday I started my French classes at the Alliance Fran├žaise (I'll write a separate post about my first week).  My mornings are spent in class (9-1PM) every day, and the afternoons are mine to explore, rest, etc :)  

We've enjoyed some great meals out with our friends, exploring more of our neighborhood, and hoping that Spring really does arrive soon :)

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