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I am a born and bred English Rose, however as I near my 30th birthday I've lived longer in the USA that in England.  After declaring that I didn't want to marry an American during my teenager angst years, I married a Frenchman in 2008 (he provides the dash ;)!!)  In 2010 I became a US Citizen, cementing my life in the USA.

In addition to my unique and varied personality, these three cultures are forever interwoven into the fabric of who I am, and "who I am" is still something I am discovering!!!

My charming Frenchman and I will have been married five years this September, and we've embarked on a six month adventure, sure to provide many lessons, stories, and adventures.  We will be living in France, spending the first three months in Paris, and the second three in the French Riviera.  It is something we've often spoken of, but until Christmas never gave much thought to it actually happening.

Follow along as I share of our/mine adventures - some I am sure not too interesting, and others I hope to be full of fun and laughter.

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