To The Moon And Back: Mon Miel

How do I count the ways I love this man...just thinking of him brings tears to my eyes.  Believe me, we've had our moments and still do, but being here in Paris, in France just the two of us...

1. He made a dream came in Paris is my dream, and he made it come true.  

2. He is continuing to encourage me to pursue all my dreams.

3. On my first day of French school/class he got up early with me, went and bought the croissants, and walked me to the Metro station.

4. Same first day of school, he met me at the end of the session for lunch.  

5. He only laughed a little bit when I cried on the first day of my French class!!!

6. He works!!!

7. Expanding on "6" - he is working every day at home, giving me the flexibility to take classes, wander the streets, eat pastries, and pursue my dreams!!

8. He vacuums!!

9. He is a tech genius and even though Netflix and ABC player don't work in France, he in his geniuses has it working for us (sometimes you need a little English talkie talkie!!)

10. He fixes my phone and my laptop and has learnt to tolerate my organizational skills in regarding contacts and photos :)

My sweet man expresses his love best in action, and well I would say he loves me!!!  He is "Mon Miel et J'aime lui √† la lune et reculer."

#keepforwhenwerefigthing ;) #yeswereneedsanapostrophe 

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