Photo Dump

As to not overwhelm my Facebook and IG feed I don't post all my photos on those sites.  Check out some photos from the past week below!!

A couple of pics at the Trocadero 
(looking out at the Eiffel Tower)

This girl was probably about 9 years old, fully decked out with cute boots, coat, Louis  Vuitton bag, and her personal smart phone camera!!!

Still not sure about this one....he was wearing a horse's head?!
At the apartment
This just makes me laugh....we're sitting in the apartment, chilling and we're all on an Apple device (photo taken with an iPhone!!!)

View from the bedroom window...AND sunshine!!!  

Out and About

Enjoying a crêpe and the view

Gas pump on the side of the road
Flowers.....even though it would seem as if Paris is refusing to permit Spring its full rights,  I enjoy picking a weekly bouquet of flowers!!!

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