The First Day!!

Crossing "our" bridge to the Île St Louis, sunrise?!
So the whole sunrise over the City didn't pan out as it was a cloudy, overcast morning.  I did however enjoy my walk, almost skipping as I went.  In part because of the cold, but mostly because it is a surreal sensation to wake up and walk out onto the streets of Paris.  We're staying on the Right Bank, so I crossed over to the Île St Louis, and walked along the Seine until I reached a street leading to Notre Dame.  

First glimpse of the Tour Eiffel

From there I had my first glimpse of the Lady.  She has always been one of my favorite things about the City, but I can tell that the neighborhoods around our place will fast become my favorite.  Especially in the early hours, it feels cocooned from the rest of Paris.  Following the Notre Dame, I crossed back over to the Right Bank and walked by the Hôtel de Ville and along the Rue du Rivoli, eventually leading all the way down to the Bastille and looping back home, stopping to pick up breakfast at our local Boulanger (which is conveniently located a stone's throw away from our place)!

G on the Pont de l'Archevêché

Guillaume and I next went to get our Navigo passes (allowing for easier access to the Metro and the Velib (bikes), then we sauntered along to the Marche Maubert.  The Marché Maubert is the oldest market in Paris, originally it was called Palu, and began in the 5th Century.  In the mid 1500s it outgrew its location on l'Île de la Cité, and moved to the current location at Place Maubert in the 5th. 

Things I learnt today...

Self Portrait, I've never looked so awake
and happy at 630AM!!!
Word of the Day -- Panier: basket

Overall, our neighborhood is rather friendly and I everyone I encountered today was helpful and pleasant (except for the Monoprix Cashier).  From the shoe shopkeeper who spoke English with me, to the Monoprix security man who taught me panier and helped me locate one, to the gentleman in the Boulangerie who offered to help carry one of my bags out of the store for me.  

I need to buy a cart, if I plan to buy more than a bag or two of groceries.  

Buying 5 overloaded bags of groceries, stopping at the boulangerie, and walking home was perhaps not the smartest idea.  I need to rethink grocery shopping even more.

When you're awake at 330, and exploring by 630, by the time 12noon rolls around you're rather tired!!!  Edited: I've made it to 130, but I think a nap is now necessary :)  Edited 2: a nap was enjoyed, but boy is it hard to wake up from one!!!

Paris is quite a bit colder than California, which I knew to expect, but expecting and experiencing are quite different!!!  It's OK though, it meant I needed to buy some boots and at 50% off I'ld say it wasn't a bad thing ;)

À bientôt!!

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