Nous sommes arrivés en France

I am sitting in the stillness, with a warm cup of tea and half a leftover pain aux raisin in the cozy confines of our Paris apartment!!  Our French adventure has begun.  We’ll be living in Paris for three months, followed by three months in the French Riviera.  Jet Lag has won the first round.  I’ve been awake since 330am, after giving in to sleep at 730 last night.  

It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that for the next three months I’ll be calling Paris my home, and that this stable turned apartment is where I’ll reside with G.  

Thankfully we are off to fortuitous start, as the flight was smooth, customs posed no problems (except as a window into the French un-system)!, our luggage (all 7 pieces) made it, and our apartment and location is better than we could have hoped.

We explored but briefly yesterday, and today I look forward to venturing out and about and stocking up on some essentials and non essentials.  It’s an odd feeling knowing that I won’t be working, and my commitments and responsibilities are minor.  I’m eager to see where this journey takes us.

For today, I’ll settle for watching the sun rise over the City, croissants for breakfast, a little market shopping and unpacking my clothes.

à bientôt!!! 

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