I'm eagerly awaiting news, news of an arrival, where delivery time is not a fixed variable!!  One of my dear friends is at the hospital as I type, and as she wrote on Facebook just 20 minutes ago the delivery hasn't quite happened.

Throughout the day my friend has updated Facebook a little, sent some texts and I have to say it has been pretty fun to hear the updates (one in particular made me laugh out loud)!  I'm eager for her and her husband to welcome their second little one into the world.  I'm so happy for this family, and look forward to seeing how this family of 3 grows into a family of 4!

It's amazing the paths that friendships take through the years.  I remember very clearly meeting this friend over 12 years ago (it was quite the introduction ;)), and I've been honored to stand up as a bridesmaid when she married, seen her become a mum for the first time, and now she's about to have her second child (literally about to, as just 2 minutes ago she sent a text saying, "It's go time!")

There are some friendships that exist for a season, some that are formed for a reason and then there are friendships that navigate the twists and turns of life.  I've had friendships in each category, and when I look back at the various friends I'm thankful for the gift of each friendship in my life, for the times shared together, for the joy doubled, and the sorrow halved.  There are some friends that I don't have contact with now, some that I stay abreast of the latest through Facebook (for that I am thankful for Facebook), and some I see regularly (or semi regularly as schedules permit).

Life events such as marriage and parenthood cause little shifts in the friendships, sometimes they form a closer bond, and sometimes they twist away for a season as the situations allow for personal growth.

My heart is truly full for my friend tonight.  I'm grateful to share in my friend's joy, to celebrate this newness of life.  I look forward to meeting her new little darling, and I equally look forward to seeing the friendship continue through the years, whatever twists and turns life may bring.

**As I type this she just texted me to say "It's go time!"**

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