Directionally Challenged

I had a simple plan today, I would walk from our place to the Place Monge where I would have a quick look at the market, then I would quickly walk to Alliance (the French school, where I'll begin classes next week), from there I would stroll towards the Eiffel Tower, slowly making my way home again.

In theory, I did just that.  However, in practice I expertly got myself lost, added an extra loop (or two) along the way, and was out for 6 hours and upon returning home felt like my feet would fall off!!

See map below:

I did have a map, not a good one and unfortunately our phones aren't yet set up to work here (hopefully by the end of the week).  As an aside, it is startling how much I rely on my phone - for entertainment (FB, IG), to share updates along the way, Maps, Google for information, addresses, places to see, etc.  So it will be nice when I can have use of the phone while I am out and about.  Although really, I doubt having the map on the phone would have helped too much.  You see from the Market (which is B), I first went towards the right direction and for some reason I second guessed myself, and crossed down ending up at C (Jardin de Plantes), and then finally looping myself back in the right direction.  

It's a good lesson for me personally, one I've been reminded of a few times in recent months.  I need to trust my instincts, and not doubt that I am making the right decision.  Just like in my walk, I've ended up looping back to the same point and then going forward (adding unnecessary steps along life's way)! 

As to my explorations:

The market at Place Monge was definitely better than yesterday's market at Place Maubert.  It had a wider selection, and more stalls.  It will be interesting to see how the markets shift as Spring really sets in motion.  Yesterday's boot purchase was a thankful addition to my "walk about" wardrobe, as highs in the mid 40s aren't exactly warm!!  I did spot little traces of Spring, and again look forward to seeing how the approaching season changes the City.

I retrieved my book and student ID for when I start French classes next week.  I will be taking a class daily from 9-1PM, and I am not too sure what to expect.  I am sure the class and my experience(s) will provide ample writing material (it has to be good for something, besides just learning French ;))!!

Feeling rather ravenous at this point, I eagerly looked for somewhere to eat.  As if he was right beside me, I heard G's voice telling me not to pick some of the places I passed as they empty.  I ate at a charming Brassiere, Le Raspail.  I successfully asked for a table for "Une Personne," and ordered my "plat du jour," and my "un verre de vin."  Baby steps people, baby steps.

I did then make way towards the Eiffel Tower, making a quick stop in the Le Bon Marche and snapping a quick photo of the USA aisle (corn syrup, marshmallow fluff - strawberry and regular, and peanut butter dominating the majority of the shelf)!!  More on the Eiffel Tower later, she deserves her own post.

At this point I was feeling the cold, realizing that I still had to get home, and starting to feel that I had spent enough time in my own head.  About 30 - 45 minutes later (after walking along the Seine, crossing a bridge, and seeing another garden) I made it to the Rue du Rivoli (which I knew eventually - a long eventually mind you, led to the turn off for our street).  Once on this street I practiced a little Parisian Chicken.  I won 2 out of the 3!!!  

Á bientôt!

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