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There's little wiggle room in the complaint department while you're living in Paris, not having to work (and I am aware of that), but argh my braces are just about going to drive me batty again.  I had been doing rather well with coping with the invasion of metal in mouth, but in order to minimize the movement of my teeth while away for 6 months (my ortho wasn't exactly thrilled that I would be leaving the country for 6 months) and as such, I won't be having monthly adjustment visits.  So, the Monday before we departed for France I had my last orthodontist appointment for 6 months and rather than rubber bands wrapped around the metal braces, they wrapped metal wires around each brace.  The taste of metallic is strong in my mouth!!!    

In other news, and keeping with the theme...

I had a fun morning exploring yet another market (Marché Bastille, or Richard Lenoir), this one is by far the best.  Lots of selections.  I successfully asked for my goods in French.  I really need to practice my numbers.  I have a hard time hearing/understanding the amount.  I picked up some pomme de terres Charlotte (potatoes), deux poireaux (two leeks), Frisee, fraises, quatre crottin de chèvre (4 poops of goat cheese), San Danielle, and Frais Tagliatelle (the vendor here gave me deux tiramisu as a cadeau) ;) I also picked up some Paté en Croute, Friande (basically a sausage roll).  We enjoyed some of this accompanied by some of the cheese we picked up the other day from famous Parisian Fromager Laurent Dubois, for lunch.

Laurent Dubois holds the highly coveted Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), Best Craftsman in France.  The MOF is a competition held in France wherein craftsman within their trade compete for the title of MOF.  A pretty big deal around here!!!

Kings of Pastry is an excellent movie/documentary highlighting the journey of pastry makers as they compete for the honor of MOF.

Then I hit a wall...I think my long sojourn the day before caught up with me, the travel, the sleepless nights, the fact that I am in Paris (LOTS of emotions with that one, I can tell you), plus the tiniest washing machine and no dryer (something so very inconsequential and nothing terrible) and I just felt the energy drain from me.  I curled up on the couch and within minutes I was asleep, and slept for 2 hours.  A nap can cure nearly all that ails ;)

Á bientôt!!

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