Le 6 Paul Bert: A Review

I've been following David Lebovitz's blog for some time and now that we're actually living in Paris for 3 months, I'm eager to follow up on many of his recommendations.  Just this week David posted a review and recommendation of Le 6 Paul Bert.

We were woefully early, even for our reservation which was on the early side.  So early, that the staff were still finishing their pre service meal.;) They very nicely sat us, served as an aperitif and a small plate of their salami (which was delicious)!!

The front half of the restaurant is a small épicerie, where they sell charcuterie, oils, pasta, piment d'espelette, and so forth.  The kitchen is small and open at the back of the kitchen.

We ordered the forumule where we chose 3 savory dishes and 1 dessert, 38 euros.

Guillaume's Meal:

Carpaccio de maigre, pourtargue, babeurre et grissini
Tartare de veau, chops de pain, oignons fumés et piments (veal tartare)
Longe d'agneau, endive rôtie et olives (Loin of lamb, roasted endive with olives)
Cannoli citron, sorbet fromage blanc (cannoli filled with lemon cream)

Ellie's Meal:

Dos de barbue, navets et beurre de laitue de mer (catfish)
Asperges des Alpilles, mayonnaise fumé, haddock et oeuf vapeur (asparagus, smoked mayo, haddock and egg yoke)

I was most unprepared for this dish, having not translated all the components prior to the dish being served.  The asparagus was cooked perfectly, with a slight bite.  The dish was lukewarm, and the flavors of the egg yoke and smoked mayo rounded out the dish.

Long d'agneau, endive rôtie et olives (Loin of lamb, roasted endive with olives)

The saltiness of the olives with the roasted endive, and the melt in your mouth butter lamb with a crispy smokey layer of fat was a great way to end the savory part of the meal.

Ganache chocolat amer, poire et chocolat glacé (chocolate ganache with pear)

As much as I like chocolate, I almost preferred G's.  The lemon cannoli was refreshing and paired with the fromage blanc sorbet served as good palette cleanser as well as ending the meal on a nice sweet note.

The bread was delicious, especially the piment d'espelette one :)

Both G and I enjoyed our meal, and if there weren't so many other restaurants to try we would come back (and might still)!!  

Le 6 Paul Bert
6, rue Paul Bert (11th)
01 43 79 14 32
Métro: Faidherbe-Chaligny

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  1. I concur, it was tha bomb! Good pick honey!