Vacation Prep

Want to know the best way to vacation?

Work 3 consecutive 60 hour weeks, throw in Matron of Honor duties, long term fighting with your husband, home duties, and to top it off have 2 teeth extracted 2 days before your flight.  An extraction which incidentally was supposed to be simple, painless, and free of any complications.  Complications being an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, meaning 24 hours before my scheduled 11 hour transatlantic flight I throw up every 2 hours!  Meaning those newly formed blood clots are in fact dislodged, causing you (or me ;) to experience dry socket on both sides of your mouth.  Let's just say Tylenol and I became intimately acquainted!!

Starting vacation 8lbs under my normal weight was ideal for enjoying the culinary delights that Alsace, France has to offer.  

Tarte Flambees
Wine, Champagne, more wine
Croissants, croissants, and did I mention croissants?!
Oh, petit pains
And much, much more....

Really, take my advice and prep for your next vacation!!!

Vacation Ready

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