Set the Ladies Free

For one of the first times on a summer vacation I managed to successfully apply sunscreen in a timely and consistent manner, resulting in a nice brown tan, albeit patchy, but you can't win them all.  (Typically I scorch my body and although I go brown after a few days, I needlessly inflict pain on my body)!

While I was soaking up the rays along the coast of Corsica, Kindle in hand, I observed many women going topless.  For the most part these women didn't have perfectly rounded b.r.e.a.s.t.s, flat or abs of steel stomachs.  They weren't your runway supermodel variety.  What they were though, were beings comfortable in their own skin, letting their "ladies" hang free, giving those ladies some good ol' fashion sunning.

The other thing I observed was that this topless activity was not sexual, it wasn't done to be sexual in the way I think as American culture we often think, but sexual as they (the women) embraced and quite frankly, it would seem loved their bodies.

So even though my "ladies" tend to be more of the 2 advils on an ironing board variety I came to appreciate them in a new light.  As we were most often with my Father in Law and Step Mother in Law I didn't feel comfortable bearing to them, however the last day just G, myself, and one other guest were using the pool.  So, thinking it was a now or never experience, I took my bikini top off and it was liberating.  I almost wish I'd done it sooner :)

Overall I feel I had fun with who I was physically.  Every night I featured a different look - hair, dress, make up.  I dressed up for myself.  Yes, it was nice to receive compliments but I actually did it for me.  Even if I didn't go topless, there was still a liberating sense of being sexual.

Edited to Add: All that being said, I think it has contributed (adversely) to how I now look like a 13 year old (I was carded today in Trader Joes for the first time in a while).  I need to remember that feeling of liberation, of sexuality, of confidence.

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  1. Good for you for going topless! it IS freeing, isn't it? LOL at two advils on an ironing board. :)