Metal Mouth Diaries 1

Day One - my mouth is full of metal.  There really isn't another way to describe it.  I knew I had decided to get braces, and I knew the steps of extraction and such were for the braces, but I didn't anticipate the vice like hell I voluntarily put myself in!

Pain - Tylenol is my friend (again)!

Anxiety - It's best that I don't think too much about the fact that on every single tooth is glued a metal brace, on which blue rubber bands are wrapped around, and connecting them all are wires.  AND, the best part is that this is for 2 years.  Yep, not a good idea to dwell on that or my hands will be clawing away at my teeth neverminding the consequences.

So, day 1 comes to a close and I realize just how vain I probably am.  With 5 weeks before my 29th birthday my face decides to break out like it's prep for a pizza party, my teeth have that metallic glow, and if I'm feeling really pretty like all I have to do is put on my glasses!  I think I need to go Back to School shopping, Freshman year of High School here I come!!!

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