Metal Mouth Diaries 2

Day 2: One rough night of sleep.  I didn't anticipate the tearing of my gums.  I have since discovered the joy of dental wax, and am thinking I should probably make an investment in wax!!

Eating has been interesting, not only does chewing most anything cause pain, I'm as self conscious as a 13 year old with braces, and feel like the food is hanging around, snug in the wires (sorry for the visual)!

I've been consoling myself with the wonderment of children, and offering gratitude that I do get to spend the majority of my days with 2 of the most precious children.  It would seem wearing braces has elevated my coolness factor with my 8 and 5 year old charges.  They think my expanded selection of toothbrushes is awesome, and the best line of the day was from 5 year old Michael.  While playing at the park together he said the following, "When you smile with your braces you look cool.  With all that metal you could be a superhero!"  

Still working on that cape, maybe I need an attitude adjustment first too!!

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