Metal Mouth Diaries 3

The end of day 3 of braces, well 2 and a half days I suppose.  I started the day optimistically.  Wore a cute dress, gave myself my summer beach hair do, and armed with a pep talk decided that for better or worse the braces are here to stay.  Completed my swagger with my vacation hat, and I was ready for the day.

I did alright for most of the day, but now the day is done I am too, but another 727 days (OK, perhaps I won't look at the day as that's a little scary)!  So 2 years seems to be a safe bet.  SO...with two years looming in front of me, rest assured I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

The actual physical pain has started to subside, but then there's the discomfort, the pain of torn apart gums (which thankfully wax has now become my friend).  Plus, never thought that even biting a soft tortilla would be painful and not possible, but alas, it's true!  I recommend braces as the best diet plan ;)

So Day 3 comes to a close.  I would say I should just "grin and bear it," but I've sort of signed off on grinning for another 727 days!!

I'd also like to promise that the posts turn more positive, but time will tell......

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  1. You're blogging again! Sorry you've had such a rough first few days with braces. I'm sure having them as an adult really isn't fun, but I'm sure you will master the closed-mouth smile very quickly. Hope you had a wonderful vacation!