Metal Mouth Diaries 4

Killing me softly is the theme for Day 4.  I know, I know I've yet to post something positive about my braces experience.  I'm hoping this article proves true, and that in a week I'll start to feel more normal.  As it stands today, I could easily take pliers to my teeth and pull away.  In fact, I found the above linked article because I was googling "pulling your braces off."  In fact as it stands right now, I feel like I could rip the braces off of my teeth with my bare hands.  And, after experiencing the fear, anger, and adrenaline of a five year old essentially strapped down for vaccinations yesterday I've no doubt that I could actually do some serious damage to my teeth if I gave into the temptation.

In other Metal Mouth Diaries News, I'm fascinated with the cost.  I've been wanting a house cleaner for about 3 and a half years (been married for 4 years FYI), yet have always held off because of the cost.  Now we are shelling out some serious dinero monthly for these torturous wires ;) and I (OK, we ;)) still have to clean!!  Insurance only covers so much (not even half), and when I think of all the other things I could buy or save to buy versus paying for braces it isn't a fun comparison.

So why exactly did I get braces?  Well, besides the fact that my dentist has been urging me to get braces for the last ten years, I am hoping that the resulting effects of braces does help alleviate the jaw, neck and back issues that I've been experiencing with increasing intensity.  I'm also hopeful that with the teeth extraction and thus the removal of overcrowding I don't have to struggle with cavity issues between my teeth.  I'm really not going for the braces for any aesthetics reasons, believe me!!

So day 4 comes to a close, and I'm keeping my soft foods, wine, and Ensures at the ready.

Oh, yeah --- a glass or 2 of this goes a long way to making the night a little easier to bear!!!

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