10 of my Favorite Things This Week

A few of my favorite things...

Fresh cut roses

This little 8 year old angel and how she is devouring the Harry Potter Series

Jamba Juice bought with a JJ Gift Card from my Mum :)

How the sun hits our bookcase in the late afternoon, and on into evening as the sun sets

This smile, on this 5 year old boy!

My "keep my bottle of Rose cold at the table" bag

Sunflowers that stretch for the sun, and remind me that when we keep our eyes on the Son we too can stand strong and tall!

This Ice Cream from Trader Joe's is DELICIOUS and has been great to have on hand this week

Looking down at my freshly painted toe nails and remembering the fun outing I had getting them prettied up!

Watching the 2012 Olympics Ceremony in London, England and having my heart skip an extra beat seeing my home country!

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