Metal Mouth Diaries 7

Day 7

I've jumped to day 7, I didn't think anyone would really want to hear the daily grumblings, but believe me the daily grumblings have been there :)
Getting braces is one of those decisions you make because you know it is the right decision.  My dentist even cheered when I told her, but even though it's "right", it wouldn't have been wrong not to get them.

So I made it to a week and I was still clamping at the bit to get them off.  I was almost afraid to be perceived as a wimp to the ortho so I asked G if he would do it.  My sweet husband made the call for me.  I had sent G a list of my symptoms and he spoke to the Orthodontist and he wasn't surprised by any of the symptoms, and said the pain/discomfort is heightened as I am an adult and that I need to give it at least two weeks.  

It's more than the physical now, it's a psycho-neurotic-emotional systematical breakdown of my system.  Because of the initial pain, discomfort and anxiety I've tensed up my right shoulder (typical for me as that is where I keep all my stress).  Clenching my jaw at night, etc so I don't sleep well, have nightmares, wake up sore.  So I wake up in the morning, blame the braces and cycle continues.  Supposedly I need to do things to relax, take my mind off the braces, reduce my anxiety.  

Not sure how...any suggestions?

Relaxing and holding the stress in my right side is not a new problem.  In the past I've woken to pain in my hands to realize I've left nail indentations in the palm of my hands as I've fist gripped so strongly in my sleep.

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