Fancy a laugh?!

I straightened my hair today, a rare occurrence these days. I haven't had a hair cut since early April, and my hair is a-growing and most mornings I choose extra sleep as to getting up early to do my hair for work. I work as a nanny, and as such need to leave for work by 645 and blow drying my hair and straightening it at 6 just doesn't hold any appeal. Which means I tend to do my hair proper only on the weekends, and on the rare occasion my day off. So, yes today being a Sunday I straightened my hair. Tomorrow I work. I don't want to do my hair. So, I decided to put the rollers, sleep in them and see what it turns out like tomorrow. It COULD be scary, and if it is I'll just pull it back!! But for your enjoyment I thought I would post some Macbook Pro photobooth pics. I'm curled and ready :)

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