Paris, Photography, Life...some fave blogs!!

I haven't been blogging much lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading fact my blog roll grows weekly...

Here's some faves and why.

*A collection of blogs set in Paris, thoughts, photos, opinions, stories of expats living in Paris, France. One of my top faves. First, the site gives me new blogs to follow. Second, and more importantly it's Paris. One day, some day I dream to live in the grand City of Light. I dream to walk the streets, to eat macaroons, to call the Eiffel Tower my neighbor, to practice the non existent French that I know. One day, and until then this blog gives me glimpses into a Parisian life and I often smile and even laugh out loud at many of the posts.

*Three photography blogs: two of which are photographers that were my classmates during my high school days. Each capture the love and romance of the couple, and each are very different. I look forward to their posts to see the beauty of the photos -- it is art. I'm not a professional, I'm not even an amateur photographer but I love both their work. I love how each photographer is different, yet they both capture the love, adoration, and passion that flame between the couples photographed. I also enjoy how they intersperse their personal lives in the blog, not only is their work beautiful they are too. Check out Shanni and Ashley.

The third photography blog is set in
Paris, and one day (maybe next summer) I want to schedule a shoot for G and I. Love, Romance, Paris? Yes, Please!!

*An absolute fave is a combo of amazing photography, emotion, humor, life, parenting, home - it has it all and it's beautiful. Kelle's story is beautiful, her writing touches me, her posts are a breath of fresh air. You have to read her blog, start here.

*I linked to her in my Kindle post, but she bears another link. Bay Area author
Kristin Billerbeck. Her posts are thought provoking, amusing, enlightening, and altogether a well worthwhile blog to follow.

*I also look forward to new posts from here. (waiting for permission to link). I'm often awed at her courage in her voice, in what she queries. I enjoy her stories of her children, her journey of what being a Christian means today, and the fun tidbits of life she includes in her blog.

I have many more, but they top my reading most days. What I'm not very good at is using google reader, and following blogs by clicking on the following button but I do follow many and I am usually a lurker :)

Have a favorite or two to pass my way? I'm always eager to add my blog roll.

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