Kindle - the verdict is still out

After much debate last week I succumbed to the ebook phenomenon, and purchased a Kindle. Technically my husband purchased me the Kindle, although I did say I was ready for one. He quickly grabbed the chance as he had been listening to me debate the merits of having an ebook reader for quite some time.

I LOVE books. I use the word "love" with purpose. I'm one of those people who tries to be conscious of the use of the word "love." I don't love pizza, etc. I try to use the word for what I do love, and I do love books. I find great comfort and rest in a good book. I enjoy immersing myself in a story, and looking up hours after to realize that I'm still here in my life. I like returning to previously read books, as if returning to old friends, turning the familiar pages, remembering where I was when I read it last and sometimes speed reading through certain sections so I can get to the sections that thrill me, fill me, speak to me. So, getting an ebook reader posed a rather large dilemma.

I ultimately decided that for travel an ereader, and in this case a Kindle was the way to go. DH and I are travelling to Europe this year for Christmas, and will be gone for just over two weeks. I know I would want to pack at least 5, if not more and the thought of lugging the books around in already pretty full cases wasn't too thrilling of a prospect. Other factors were reading of/seeing some of my fave authors on their blogs speak to getting a kindle and how much they enjoy/look forward to enjoying reading on it and I thought if seasoned, respected authors like it I should take a look. (Colleen Coble shares a video of receiving her Kindle and her thoughts after having had it for a month and Kristin Billerbeck shares here).

Bottom line: I have my Kindle, in a blue case with the book light. I need the case, without it reading on the Kindle feels even stranger. I still find that I get glare on the screen when I read. My battery died super fast, but that was my mistake as I left the wifi on. I started using the Kindle Wednesday, and since then I've read two novels on it as well as a poetry book for children. The deal with the hubster was to read at least two books on the device before reaching a decision. It doesn't hold the luster that a book does for me, but I did enjoy the efficiency of a buy and download (although that option is not necessarily a good option for our wallet)! Which reminds me, I'm still not sure how to get to the free books on the Kindle, I do think that could be made easier. It took me a little while to adjust to it not being a touchscreen, but that's because I've had and used an iPhone now for nearly three years and am used to a handheld device being touchscreen :)

I'm not 100% sold, and despite having just bought two new books and read them on the Kindle in less than a week I'm eager to buy a physical book, that or save the pennies and crack open a much beloved oldie by goldie!

Do you have a Kindle? What do you like about it? What about other ebook devices? The new nook color looks pretty cool, as does of course the iPad but for what I wanted and on the advice of DH I felt that the Kindle met my needs.

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  1. I'll be eagerly awaiting your follow up after you've had it for a bit. I'm so tempted..... there is so much that would be good, but I do love my beloved books!