How To Be Late

Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

Fitting for the subject of my post...How To Be Late

To be truly successful you must first be sure to go to bed late.

Before fully allowing yourself to head to dreamland, set you alarm with two alarms (strategically spaced 15 minutes apart from each other).  Merely setting the snooze button doesn't work.

Sleep (preferably don't enjoy a good night's sleep)

Wake to the sound of the first alarm, barely register and hit it off.

Groggily wake to the second alarm, and hug phone close to face as you catch up on the latest Facebook news (it helps living in a different time zone to the majority of my Facebook friends, it is a sure guarantee that there were be news when I wake).

Fall back to sleep, holding iPhone as if a lover.

Wake up to the sounds of the garbage trucks, and in theory jump out of bed, but with practice...

Gradually, but not very quickly get out of bed. sure it is a day that requires you to wash your hair.

Following your shower, decide that your eyebrows must be plucked (or your toenails painted, or some other equally non essential part of your daily grooming needs to take place there and then)!!!

Choose an outfit that requires a shirt to be ironed.

Grab your morning hot beverage on the run.

Ride the Metro (edited: when I first wrote up this post, I didn't need to add the following step, but today in an attempt to make sure my How Tos were complete I followed them to the T, adding this next step...

Be so sleepy that you miss your exit/stop and have to get off at the following stop and loop back.

Arrive at school/work/etc shockingly only a couple of minutes later (usually without the addition of the extra Metro stop, I can eek out an "on time" even with my How To Be Late Steps)!!!


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