The Bright Side of Life

Favorites from this week...

Watching my husband watch Curiosity land on Mars

Animals Climbing on this Handsome Man

Getting a pedicure with a fun and fresh pattern and color

Escaping (more to come on this) 

Celebrating this special lady's 30th Birthday

My new red trench first new coat in 8 years :)

This lovely boy being back in San Jose and sleeping over with his Auntie Ellie and Uncle G

Being successful at trying new recipes (Blueberry Coffee Cake, Nutella Banana Oat Cookies, and Pistachio Almond Bread with Lemon Glaze)

 Climbing Trees and Hiking with these two Munchkins

This duo of Handsome boys...hubby and nephew hanging out

Another week approaches, another opportunity to see the best in each moment....

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