Metal Mouth Diaries 13

My Theory of Normal...

I'm not exactly sure what day of the MMD I had this conversation with Guillaume, but it was last week.

I've been finding it quite amusing when people tell me that I'll get used to the braces, but I think I'd rather not get used to them.  

I don't see having multiple foreign objects in your mouth, without option of removal except by the Orthodontist to be something normal and to be something that my mouth gets used to, but that's just me :)

Day 13 and What I Miss...

*Running my tongue over my teeth
*Being able to bite into pizza, sandwiches, crusty bread
*Being able to experience the full satisfaction of flossing my teeth without it taking nearly 15 minutes
*Sleeping without wax (and metal) in my mouth
*Kissing my husband, because right now it's just too weird to kiss with a mouth full of metal
*Being able to eat foods without cutting them into bites (including but not limited to cupcakes)

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