To My Sweet Nephew

Dear Liam,
Let me tell you a story, a story of a journey, a story of love. It was August 2009 and your Daddy called to tell the great news that you, yes you little Liam was starting to grow in your Mummy’s womb. I was so happy, I jumped and skipped around the kitchen while your Uncle G looked on with a bemused smile on his face. Already I couldn’t wait to meet you and know you.

Your Mummy, Liam, was a trooper from the get go, in one full swoop to offer you the best protection and safest environment to grow and develop she gave up smoking and drinking. She did this knowing that a week after she discovered that you were growing we were heading to Las Vegas. Your mum might not think so, or remember it this way, but she was beautiful. She was beautiful in her love for you, a love yet to be fully realized, but a love nonetheless.

We celebrated as a family in September where Nanny gave you your first cow toy, and in November we celebrated as we discovered you were a little boy. More celebration followed when in December your Daddy announced your name - William David Jenkins - after your Granddad, and your Mummy offered the invitation to me, Nanny, and Great Nanny to be in the room when you came into this world.

February Uncle G and I visited. Mummy and I chatted and shared and laughed and I painted the words of the Hebrew prayer above your bed, and your Uncle G installed dimmers and kept Daddy company. Again I was blown away by the beauty of your Mummy. She loved you dear sweet Liam, and I would watch her and your Daddy rub the tummy, and whisper to you, and pray for you.

The days were swiftly ticking by, you were growing, and March came and along with Mummy’s other friends and family we gathered to celebrate your impending arrival. It wouldn’t be long, and we were ready to meet you. Your mummy had everything ready, your Grandma made sure your drawers were full of diapers ready to protect your little bottom, clothes lined the closet, oh the clothes sweet baby - you had lots of clothes ready for your little body to fill.

April 11 I came down to spend time with Mummy before your expected arrival on April 19. It was such a special time for me Liam. To spend this time with your mummy before her world was rocked in a life altering way. We stayed up late up chatting and sharing and laughing and doing life together.

As your due date neared, you gave us a little scare by sleeping just a little too long and I took mummy to the hospital so they could check what you were up to. There I heard one of the most beautiful sounds, I heard your heartbeat, like a train pumping away and I saw you, your little body curled up and perfectly content. The nurse remarked what a big baby you were.

Your due date came and went and mummy started to feel that you needed to be in her arms instead of her womb, and thus begun trying all those home methods of inducing labor to no avail. (Castor Oil, anyone?!) So at midnight on April 21st Mummy, Daddy, and Grandma went to the hospital where the nurses encouraged labor medicinally. It was a looooooong labor sweet Liam, you were just too content and at home in there.

Some of the best moments of the labor include your Daddy coaching your Mummy through contractions watching the up ride, and then putting his head on the bed to sleep for two minutes before the next contraction hit.

Or your Daddy sleeping tucked up close behind your Mummy in the bed, your Grandma asleep on the bench, and your Auntie sleeping on the chair. The only one not sleeping was the one who needed it the most, your Mummy and as luck would have it not only was your mummy not sleeping she was kept awake by the head banging of your daddy, and the wall reverberating sound of your Grandma snoring to the point that your poor mummy shouted for it to STOP!!!

Then after 20+ hours the moment came, with Daddy at Mummy’s side and Nanny, Grandma, and me gathered at the foot of the bed we watched your mummy push with with all her might and strength. I watched her go even more beyond herself to bring you into this world, and out you came - all 9lbs of you. Daddy cut your umbilical cord, the nurses took you and cleared your airways, and weighed you and whole time I watched on with wonderment that you were here. Not but five minutes ago you were tucked inside your mummy, and now here you lay. Even though it was now close to 3AM waiting outside the room, eager to meet you were your Granddad, Uncle Ronnie, and Uncle G. We passed you around, loved on you, whispered our hellos, and made introductions.

You are beautiful sweet Liam. God made you perfect in every way. He formed you in your mummy’s womb, he knows each hair on your head, he has a plan for you.

Little Liam, my sweet baby nephew, your Auntie Ellie loves you. You are the best gift of 2010.


  1. Ellie -- this is very nice. It brings back the memories of my two little girls and my wonderful granddaughters world debut! Thanks!

  2. Thank you!! It was pretty special to relive the experience and think back about the various times leading up to Liam's arrival.