It's Not All Bad!!

I'm on the train to Strasbourg to meet with G and visit with the French half of my family.  It's already been quite the day...  G went ahead of me to Strasbourg, leaving Wednesday afternoon.  So I've spent the last 48 hours alone.  Usually I would relish the opportunity to be alone, enjoying the chance to be by myself in our apartment.  But I think because I already spend a lot of my time alone it wasn't as enjoyable as neither G nor I imagined :)

Last night I made the unfortunate mistake (it's rarely a fortunate mistake!) of going to sleep late yet again.  In part because I found it difficult to fall asleep without G and also because I started watching "Call of the Midwife" on Netflix.  I knew that I needed to get up with ample time to get ready, finish packing and get to school with my bags in tow.  That whole "ample time" thing didn't happen!!

Note: I was already emotionally volatile.

I get up late.  I leave the apartment late.  I don't forget anything...except I don't eat breakfast (a very bad thing as a hungry Ellie is either a hangry Ellie or worse a teary Ellie - can you guess what Ellie I might turn into here?!)  I have my suitcase, my school bag, my handbag and yes, a bag full of dirty towels (Why?  Because I don't want crunchy towels, I want to wash them at my in laws).  So slightly loaded I manage the metro (down and up the stairs for the two different lines).  Late?  About to be, yes!  I exit the Metro, walk to school - it starts spitting (raining lightly), then with each step the rain drops get heavier (kind of like the bags I'm lugging)...I arrive at school, not even 10 minutes late but I'm wet - from the rain and the sweat and I can feel my tear ducts swelling!!  After a quick few breathes in the bathroom, I was mostly ready for class.

Class the last two days has been a little tough...a combination of self deprecation after having gone to the cinema on Monday, watching a French romantic comedy and realizing I have a LONG way to go; and the fact that my brain is on overload right now.  So basically my self outlook on learning French hasn't been the most positive.

Today, already feeling quite low, I knew I couldn't give in to the negative emotions towards my lack of understanding, otherwise I would have been a basket case then and there in class.  So, banishing the negative thoughts for the morning, class continued and surprisingly I understood most of the class.  It was easier to see/hear some of the connections, plus I don't feel we covered any new information too in depth.

There you have it, a positive attitude/mind set goes a long way :)

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