Metal Mouth Diaries 10 and 11

Days 10 and 11

Friday was the first day that I felt slightly normal (which reminds me to share my theory of normal), but unlike days past I was able to make it past the 2 and even 4 o' clock mark - both had been witching hours for the braces.  I still needed medicine in the evening, but I didn't have the intensity of the pain. 

We went to Moveable Feast and although I was little hesitant at what I would eat, as long as I get something that I can cut up it works just fine.  

Day 11

We attended a wedding at Fortino Wineries, and I purchased a dress and hair piece that coordinated with the color of my braces.  It was the first social event with the braces, and eating "real" food and keeping at bay my anxiety at having food hanging around in my braces.  It was a fun evening, and despite or maybe in spite of the braces I rocked my dress and had fun on the dance floor :)  (Check out my Favorite things for additional photos from the wedding).

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