"The Ocean"

Just wanted to share my younger brother's latest video:

"The Ocean"

The ocean is so vast; so powerful; so full of life.
As I stand and watch it, I am awed by its majestic size and power.
I can't help but have an unspoken respect for it. Reverence.

Yet it has no power over me. I stand on dry ground, at a safe distance, unharmed.
Sure the waves may get a little close to me, and sure the thunderous sounds are intimidating from afar,
but I know it cannot impose its strength upon me, and that I can't really know its full power.

Unless....unless I choose to confront it.
I can go in, I can put my body at the mercy of the ocean.
Then....then when I am completely surrounded, completely emerged, completely surrendered.
Then I can experience its full power.

Reminds of God.
We'll never know the full power of God until we choose to run into his presence.
We'll never experience what God can do for us unless we jump in.
This is worship!

- Ronnie Jenkins

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  1. I loved this; beautiful video, wonderful words and reflection. (plus what a great U2 song in the background)

    Thanks for sharing this Ellie! Your dad posted that Ronnie's band will be at TOC in a few weeks, and your dad preaching. Unfortunately I'll be out of town.